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Letras Morangos com Açúcar - Letra da canção Ain't Nobody de Rufus & Chaka Khan cantado pelos
professores Zé Milho (Vitor Fonseca), Félix (Pedro Pernas), Célia (Sandra Celas) e Ângela (Sofia Duarte Silva)

   Captured effortlessly
   That's the way it was
   Happened so naturally
   I did not know it was love

   The next thing I felt was
   You holding me close
   What was I gonna do?
   I let myself go
   And now we're flyin' through the star
   I hope this night will last forever
   I've been waitin' for you
   It's been so long
   I knew just what I would do
   When I heard your song
   Filled my heart with your bliss
   Gave me freedom
   You knew I could not resist
   I needed someone
   And now we're flyin' through the stars
   I hope this night will last forever
   Oh oh oh oh
   Ain't nobody
   Loves me better
   Makes me happy
   Makes me feel this way
   Ain't nobody
   Loves me better than you
   I wait for night time to come
   And bring you to me
   Can't believe I'm the one
   I was so lonely
   I feel like no one could feel
   I must be dreamin'
   I want this dream to be real
   I need this feelin'
   I make my wish upon a star
   And hope this night will last forever
   And first you put your arms around me
   Then you put your charms around me
   I can't resist this sweet surrender
   All my nights are warm and tender
   We stare into each other's eyes
   And what we see is no surprise
   Got a feeling most would treasure
   And a love so deep we cannot measure
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Ain't Nobody de Chaka Khan

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