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   So sad that when I look around
   I can read your lips without a sound
   It is not difficult to see your empty conversation

   The wasted time and energy
   You use to put a hate on me
   You should use smart and carefully
   To honour your creation

   If there’s a thing you feel you have to say
   Then get it out the way…

   Whatever goes around
   Will always come around
   And when it comes around it will go back to
   Whoever said it first
   To quench the devil’s thirst
   There’s no excuse when
   karma comes around to you

   The tongue that made the story worse
   Is more than usually the first
   To smile and openly deny anything they’ve said

   So boring! Such a trifle,I will not waste my time
   In the end it is your crime
   And I can’t change your mind

   Don’t bother me
   With your negativity
   Not carrying that weight, no way!

   (I’m so sorry…)
   You can not enter my mind
   Life will go on and leave you behind…
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Karma comes around to you

Tradução da Letra para Português:
Não Há como Fugir ao Karma

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